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This blog has been created primarily to serve as a learning aid for students taking my courses namely, modern history of Europe, Muslim nations in contemporary history and Introduction to history.



Development of History: An Overview

The Nations built upon Sand: Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon

On History

Salaam to all HIST 1000 Sec. 7 students.


1. No class on 8th October (i will be away on research obligation at UniMAP. A make-up class will be on 30th October during regular time)

2. Mid-Term for all HIST 1000’s sections will be centrally-organized on 1st November 2012 at 8 pm Venue: Banquet Hall, CAC.

Diploma in Islamic Studies (2011) (downloadable)


Lecture 1_Sirah etc

Lect2_Makkan Phase Pdf

Lec3_Hijrah & Building State in Madinah

Lec 4_ Jews Widaq












http://www.constitution.org/cons/medina/con_medina.htm (Constitution of Madinah  taken from A. Guillaume, The Life of Muhammad — A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, Oxford University Press, Karachi, 1955; pp. 231-233. Numbering added. )

http://www.ijtihad.org/compact.htm (The Compact of Medina: 
A Constitutional Theory of the Islamic State by  Dr.Muqtader Khan)



Iranian Revolution Slides


As requested the full version of IR’s slides.

IranianRev_classversion (click to download)

Best wishes in the final examination.