Syllabus PSCI 2520

COURSE SYLLABUS for Modern Europe
Motto: “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make him (or her) to think.” -Socrates

Class Basics1. Lectures will not cover everything. They focus only on some salient aspects of the assigned reading; students are responsible for the entire readings assigned. It is essential that you complete the assigned reading by the day it is assigned. We do expect that you do this in a timely fashion.
2. Late assignment policy: I accept late assignment with this non-negotiable policy 1 point deduction for each 12 hours it is late. Submit it to
Writing Lab first for editing before final submission.

3.Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

4. No make-up tests/exams unless with certified family /health emergencies.

5. Attendance & Cellular Phone Policies: Failure to attend 80%  of the classes, without any valid excuse will result in barring from sitting in the final exam. Turn your cell. phone to silent mode.

6. Class blog: (I can entertain no request for any hand-out as any material intended for class use would be posted here)



Assigned readings



9-12 July

What is Europe? French Revolution Spencer Discala, “What is Europe?” in Twentieth Century Europe, xxxiii-xli.Spielvogel, 678-697   Map/Geography hand-out 


16-19 July

French Revolution & Napoleon Sp., 698-704 -2nd class  Multimedia show, FR DVD, TBALib info; (18 & 19 July?)
323-26 July Industrialization & Congress of Vienna Sp., 706-734


-Quiz 1 (readings Weeks 1-4)-2nd class: submit project outline & bibliography  


30 July-2 Aug.

The Age of Ideologies 1: Liberalism, Nationalism, Early Socialism, Marxism 

McKay, 763-775



6-9 Aug

Changing Life in 19th century EuropeScience & Thought  McKay, 795-820;


-Returning project outline


13-16 Aug

The Age of Nationalism: The Unification of Italy & Germany  

McKay, 831-841

Monday, 13 Aug. 8 pm Mid Term, VENUE: TBAReadings: Week 1-7




An Age of Modernity & Anxiety, 1894-1914 Sp., 846-884  


27-30 Aug


Spielvogel, 886-921 -Multimedia show? -Sem break 3-5 Sept


6 Sept 

The Russian Revolution & authoritarian states in Europe

McKay, 917-932

McKay, 967-980



10-13 Sept 

Authoritarian regimes

McKay, 981-1002

*make up classes?





Comparing Dictators

same as above

Group project due on 17 September before 4 pm


24-28 Sep

WW2 and the Cold War

McKay, 1005-1023

Quiz #2Readings Weeks 8-12 


1-4 Oct 

Social Transformations

McKay, 1024-1040



8-10 & 18-19 Oct

Social Transformations & Epilogue


11/10 ‘id break


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  1. Nell Says:

    Salam Sir, thank you for posting this course syllabus! I’ve been thinking about getting this for a very long time.

    Hope to read more of your analytical insights on current issues from the historical perspective. Please do write more Sir.

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