Syllabus HIST 1000


1. Lectures will not cover everything. They focus only on some salient aspects of the assigned reading; students are responsible for the entire readings assigned. It is essential that you complete the assigned reading by the day it is assigned. We do expect that you do this in a timely fashion.
2.What you learn will be largely the result of your own efforts to learn—especially through critical reading and discussion.
3. No make-up tests/exams unless with certified family /health emergencies.
4. Attendance & Cellular Phone Policies: Failure to attend 80%  of the classes, without any valid excuse will result in barring from sitting in the final exam. Turn your cell. phone to silent mode.
5. History Orientation Program will take place on Tuesday, 24/7/07 from  2-5 pm. Attendance is compulsory.
6. Text-book: Course Reader. Purchase it from Kaci Trading, next to Bank Muamalat.
7. Class blog: (I can entertain no request for any hand-out etc as any material intended for class use would be put here; if they are not there it means they are not intended so)

Week 1 Introducing History: Meanings, Fields, Periods, Misconceptions
Week 2 What is Civilization? Development of history as a discipline
Week 3 Historical Method & Major Historical Approaches
Week 4 Significance of History and What can we do with it?
Week 5Mesopotamia
Week 6Egypt
Week 7India
Week 8 China
Week 9 Greece
Week 10 Rome
Week 11 Islam
Week 12 West in Modern Era
Week 13 Muslims interactions with the West in modern era
Week 14  Future of Civilizations


2 Responses to “Syllabus HIST 1000”

  1. zhafiz Says:

    Thanks. You may ask the question again in class and we’ll discuss it.

  2. anon. Says:

    Salam. Do you have any guideline on group project/assignment?

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