The Current State of Class Blog (August 2007)

The idea of having a web resource for my classes have had been thought of since  long time ago. Time factors prevented it from becoming reality. I first started this simple class blog around July 2007.  Though not web savvy (rather a novice)I was updating the blog quite regularly, uploading new info etc especially for Modern Europe. However, on 3rd of August 2007, my wife returned to the Mercy of Allah so suddenly (heart complication, which is hard to detect medically). Her stint at ICU was short about 8 hours and passed away peacefully on Friday. Following this unexpected turn of event, the class blog had to be temporarily abandoned. Naturally,  I could not allocate enough time for blog maintenance anymore as my roles and responsibilities had changed very dramatically. Similarly, test, M-term papers etc could not be graded in a timely manner.  Besides, it was quite difficult for students to touch base with me in my office during those days. My class blog was out-poured by numerous  condolence messages from students. It was very heart-warming. Unfortunately, they were unintentionally deleted.

Ramadhan Karim and best wishes, September 2007


2 Responses to “The Current State of Class Blog (August 2007)”

  1. zhafiz Says:

    wsalam. Jazakumullah Ilyas 🙂

  2. Ilyas@Yang FaLe Says:

    Assalamualaikum sir,
    Rmadhan Mubarak!May Allah bless upon you and your family.

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