Ghuraba’ Nasyid

I first listened to this intriguing song 16 years back and enjoyed i t a lot. Glad  to have stumbled upon it again.

“Islam started as a stranger, and it will return  as a sranger (as well)-the way it began.”-the meaning of a hadith


3 Responses to “Ghuraba’ Nasyid”

  1. Achmad Najib Husein Says:

    may Allah help all ghuraba where ever they are in this planet. InshaAllahu I am one of them , when i started practicing islam people with whom I grow up started to ask me what is wrong with you why are you doing this and this, they are also muslims but they do not know almost nothing about islam… they accuse me that I am an exremist, wahabi ect. May Allah guide them and all muslims and reward with jennetul firdeus the ghuraba

  2. Achmad Najib Husein Says:

    Ya ALLAH, lapangkan lah Jalan BAIK yang Aku pilih utk kehidupan keluarga yg ENGKAU berikan tanggung jawab pada pundak ku ini,,,,,,,,


  3. qorie afifi Says:

    Pagi-pagi Ahad Layan Nasyid Ni Ok jga la..
    …tersentuh jiwa yg kontang dgn amalan dan perjuangan…….

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