Venue for Modern Europe Classes

Section 1 (T-Th) 10 am

Sect: 2: 11.30-1250

Section 1:
8 Jan. 09: Viewing Room D, 13 Jan Viewing Room D, 15 Jan, Multipurpose Room.

Section 2  (15 Jan)11.30 am Auditorium

20 January: Library Auditorium

22nd Jan. Only Section 1: Viewing Room D

22nd Jan.  Sec 2: EDU LR5

29 Jan. Classes for both sections (1 & 2) back to EDU LR 5

*In case, all venues at multi-media section are booked we will go back to EDU LR5, but by default, we will try our best to get a venue at Multi Media Section, Library (3rd floor).
The situation is a bit fluid as Library doesn’t allow us to book venue for the whole semester. we can only book it max 2 weeks from the booking date- it is on 1st come 1st serve basis.


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