Israeli Atrocities in Gaza

The recent Israeli human rights violation during its 22 days assault has been extensively covered on the web. One of the best resources is Aljazeera.

What can we do to help the Palestinians?

1.Remember that Palestinian crisis is not Palestinian problem alone. It is ours. Indeed, Aqsa is the first qiblah, Muslim sacred land. Do something to the best of our ability to help them. How?

2.The weakest response is to remember them in our prayer. Perform salat hajat & qunut nazilah for them.

3.Donate to the Palestinian cause for many of our brothers/sisters have “donated”/sacrificed their blood and even life for this sacred land.

4.Try our best to boycott Israel (even country/ies which support Israel) products.

On a lighter note, the following is Zubir Ali’s award-winning song  (in Malay)”Balada Seorang Gadis Kecil”, which was composed in remembrance (and condemnation of) of Israeli massacre in Sabra & Shatilla in the early 80s (Indeed, Israel’s crime against Palestinians is not new- it has been a long standing one at least dating back to 60 years ago since its occupation and seizure of Palestinian lands)

Save Gaza! Save Palestine!


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