Reinventing the Tennis Court Pledge or Legacy of a Tree in the Silver State?

Controversial Tree: Historical or Disgrace? You decide

Controversial Tree: Historic or Disgrace? You decide

This entry originally  published on 2nd march 2009.

1. Disclaimer: As an academic, I will remain neutral on Malaysian politics. This time it is tempting to offer brief remarks from historical perspective (French revolution to be exact) on the recent development of politics on our own backyard as it has vivid parallels.

The most recent episode of the Silver State’s political tumult draws parallel  with the Tennis Court Pledge(TCP)–the part where the meeting hall’s door was locked.

It didn’t stop there, the drama continues.  Just like in Versailles in1789, deputies of the 3rd estate refused to leave after finding the door to the assembly hall  was locked and gathered at a court and vowed not to leave until a constitution is drafted. The “deputies” of the assembly in our story here too gathered at an alternate place except this time it is under a tree ( a large rain-tree). I wonder if the protagonists studied the French revolution or what happened there is just a coincidence? Whatever the case is the recent controversy in this particular state certainly carries powerful symbolism parallel to the TCO.

Now can you see that what we learn in Modern Europe has its utility too in understanding the symbolism and subtext of the current affairs.

Shall we call this The Re-making of the Tennis Court Pledge ? Or probably some of us has other suggestions?

Counterpoints (Disgrace Tree) (Democracy Tree) (neutral coverage)

2.Exhibition on European Union @ HS Square (Tuesday 3rd March) . Support our classmates.

3.Ideologies in the 2nd half of 19th century (slides) can be viewed @


3 Responses to “Reinventing the Tennis Court Pledge or Legacy of a Tree in the Silver State?”

  1. carlzeguet Says:

    yeah!! it also similar as one of the P.ramlee movie; laksmana DO RE ME, when the ‘state assembly’ done under the tree… alah, time pak mentri fasola merampas kuasa kt negeri pasir 2 butir… salute la P.Ramlee! legasi bkn stakat hiburan tapi politic..

  2. Claytonia Virginica Says:

    I agree at the point he (Sivakumar) managed to lock the doors and climax episode, when the mass stood outside until the Emergency sitting of Perak state assembly ends after agreeing to motions to declare support for Nizar as MB and assembly to be dissolved. They just like 3rd state (never leave it until the constitutions is drafted completely). Should I label PKR as 3rd Estate that seek for the right of the people of Perak from the Sultan which represent 1st Estate? It just the opinion of me, daa…

  3. Patty Says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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