Congress of Vienna Slides

It is confirmed that our class on 29th Dec.09 will take place at MPR, Multi-Media, Library. Pls disseminate this information to your course-mates


5 Responses to “Congress of Vienna Slides”

  1. Alexwebmaster Says:

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
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  2. Elcorin Says:

    Hi there,
    Great job. But not enought info. Where can i read more?

    Have a nice day

  3. wiwin Says:

    Sir, Islam is Islam…So can we say that Islam position is between these two extremes; capitalism and socialism?

    or we can say Islam is as same as utopian socialism (moderat) like saint simon or Owen thought?since they didnot use class struggle and revolution but by cooperation to gain their aim.

    As we know, Mecca is central of capiltalism when prophet muhammad was born. Because it was formed by tribal corporation process which monopolized tradings… accumulate the properties and wealth. Actually the cases between Kuffar Quraisy and Muhammad are not only about “religious belief” but also social economic consequency. Islam doctrine is oppresing every kind of economic domination or monopoly….so they didnt want it happen… they were as same as capitalist.Here, I think …It seems Islam has taken its position long times ago as high as socialism

    So,is it the term of Islamic Sosialism only a simple “Pick & Choose” matter…? 🙂

    Would you clarify this for me here, Sir? thanks…

  4. zhafiz Says:

    thanks. You ask a good question and articulate it well. We shall discuss it next week, Insya Allah.

  5. wiwin Says:

    Sir I wanna ask something more further about Marxism, but it seems  we don’t have many time in today class.  IN our course reader, marx began the Manifesto with the statement:” The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”Does this statement still relevant nowadays?Or  Does Marxism still exist ?In my opinion….First, True in the earlier struggle, feudal class were forced by bourgeoisie. After bourgeoisie take control of the existing system, they were forced by proletarian  and the classless society will exist . But the question is…. After this what kind of class which will emerge in socialist society? Marx did not give a clear answer…Secondly, Marx said that in 20 & 21 century most of the world conflict are caused by class struggle.. It’s all about War between capitalism and proletarian. But in my opinion, his prediction is going wrong… because world war I and II aare more caused by national and ideology tendency or interest rather than class struggle. This is from my opinion :DThidrly, the Marxism ideology emphasized that the communist revolution can make proletarian’s life become better. Like you said, significant revolution. But it’s just the same whether  before or after revolution, eventually the existing system was hold by communist party,  poor citizen were oppressed too by them. Like we can see from  communist revolution in Russia.So, I think marx has failed in proving his theory. IN my opinion , sir :DAtheis Sosialism which taught by Marx is not approved by Muslim scholar as economic ideology. We know what happened  in Indonesia in soekarno era with PKI (partai komunis Indonesia). Nevertheless, there some of them (muslim scholar)see that in Islam actually containing such “socialism”. And just not as intellectual discourse but have practiced in prophet Muhammad and khulafa’urrasyidin era. If I am not mistaken they who said that are Muhamd Husein haekal (Egypt) or maybe from Indonesia Nurchalish majid or moh hatta… but I forget how exactly the way they said that.The question is does the socialism still relevant in moslem country or maybe in a little scoop.. indonesia?what kind of socialism which have been taught by Islam? Why the muslim scholar doesn’t want to approve communist socialism?Thanks before, Sir.  sorry about my poor English …

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