Examination: Tips on writing a good essay

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Versailles Slides

As promised, the non-d/loadable version of T of Versailles below.

WW1: What Lessons can we learn from this madness?

Role Play: If you were a statesman/policy maker on the eve of WW1,  what & how would you handle the conflict (differently), to avoid it from escalating into WW1.  What could you do  to avoid this madness called the “great war”? Come up with your plans/strategies.



Causes–Immediate & Root Causes

Franz Ferdinand

Austrian-Hungarian Empire

The Black Hand

Triple Alliance vs. Triple Entente

Root Causes: Alliance System, Nationalism, Militarism, The Mood of 1914

New Imperialism

Changing Life

I have been “MIA” for awhile.
Slides on Changing Life in the Emerging Urban Society

Venues for Modern Europe classes

1. 7 January 2010 (Thursday) @ MPR, Library Multimedia Section
2. 5 January 2010(Tuesday) @ HS Seminar Room
Our new venue by default is HS seminar unless otherwise stated

Congress of Vienna Slides

It is confirmed that our class on 29th Dec.09 will take place at MPR, Multi-Media, Library. Pls disseminate this information to your course-mates