Diploma in Islamic Studies (2011) (downloadable)


Lecture 1_Sirah etc

Lect2_Makkan Phase Pdf

Lec3_Hijrah & Building State in Madinah

Lec 4_ Jews Widaq












http://www.constitution.org/cons/medina/con_medina.htm (Constitution of Madinah  taken from A. Guillaume, The Life of Muhammad — A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, Oxford University Press, Karachi, 1955; pp. 231-233. Numbering added. )

http://www.ijtihad.org/compact.htm (The Compact of Medina: 
A Constitutional Theory of the Islamic State by  Dr.Muqtader Khan)






Salam (Greetings) and welcome aboard. The primary objective of this modest class blog is to provide additional resources for students taking my courses (HIST 1000, PSCI 2520/HIST 3150, HIST 2999 and HIST 4310). Any relevant information, class hand-outs etc will be posted here. As this class blog is not handled by a full-time professional, I’d only be updating it during my spare time at least once a week. A disclaimer should also be added that I do not necessarily agree with some of the excerpted articles posted here. At least they may serve as “talking points” for students.

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