New Imperialism



Changing Life

I have been “MIA” for awhile.
Slides on Changing Life in the Emerging Urban Society


Venues for Modern Europe classes

1. 7 January 2010 (Thursday) @ MPR, Library Multimedia Section
2. 5 January 2010(Tuesday) @ HS Seminar Room
Our new venue by default is HS seminar unless otherwise stated

Congress of Vienna Slides

It is confirmed that our class on 29th Dec.09 will take place at MPR, Multi-Media, Library. Pls disseminate this information to your course-mates

Congress of Vienna

1.Congress of Vienna Slides
2. Tuesday Class (DVD show at Library MPR subject to confirmation by Monday)
3. Quiz (Thursday 31/12/09) venue: Seminar Room

Napoleon’s Slides

As promised Napoleon’s slides.